What Do You Get?

There are a handful of professionals and businesspeople who always strive to grow, to improve and somehow be the best at whatever they do. Maybe 5%. If you are one of these, you’re in luck – you’ve come to the right place.

If you don’t desire to really boom your business right now, go on to the next website. We’re not for you. We respect your right to choose not to be the best and don’t want to waste your time.

How do you create a company that rapidly and continuously gains market share?

You have to do PR and marketing right. You have to have better PR and marketing technology that the others in your industry. That’s where we roll into the picture.

We are not inbred in any industry; we’ve worked in hundreds. So we bring you things that have worked well in other industries that people in your industry have never heard of. And boy, will they be surprised when you come out with it!

Scientific marketing demands you have factual data which enables you to increase to advertising, marketing and public relations campaign response rates.

We provide expertise in the technology of creating and executing surveys and providing strategic recommendations (positioning, branding, marketing and PR messages) that you can use. We interface with other communication professionals (design and graphics people, public relations professionals) to make sure they do it right. In this way we enhance media response. It’s scientific marketing; it only looks like magic.

But our product goes far beyond finding real, useable information from your customers or prospects to guide your efforts. We also have our own wide variety of design professionals, web designers, PR professionals, sales experts – whatever it takes to help you utilize this data intelligently. We can help you with every step you need to:

  • Decide what PR and marketing strategies you need
  • Create good prospects calling in to get your product
  • Revive marketing that has gone flat.
  • Expand the percent of response to your existing advertising, often as much as 10x
  • Release a new product or service successfully
  • Help select the right groups or publics to buy your product
  • Overcome PR attacks by competitors, regulators, etc.
  • Create a web presence with an impact
  • Make your sales force more effective

We deliver these products across an extremely wide variety of industry segments. Market Domination Specialists is for people who want to do PR and marketing right.

Call us at (818) 400-6885 for an analysis of your current marketing.


My goal for www.marketdomination.net is really very straight forward. To help you make money. To provide you with actionable strategies that you can use to grow your business beyond anything you ever expected, or even hoped. In fact, I have helped many entrepreneurs and professionals grow to the point that they now dominate their markets.

How? I've been fortunate in my life to have assembled some of the most thoroughly tested and proven marketing techniques anybody ever heard of. I learned some of these as Marketing Director of a Beverly Hills ad agency. Some people think that in Beverly Hills the money flows like water. Nothing could be further from the truth. I was in deep trouble if I couldn’t make a client’s marketing look expensive at a low price. If I spent $5,000 on an ad campaign, my clients were not happy if they didn’t make several times that amount.

I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly as a consultant working with over one thousand clients in 300 industries and professions. But let’s get right to the point.

Scientific Marketing

Wouldn’t you like to take the risk out of your marketing? What would it be worth to you to know you were going to make money before you spent money promoting your business? As wild as this may sound to you, it happens all the time. This is not dream or hollow promise.

FACT: There are two basic schools of marketing. We belong to the “direct response” or scientific marketing school. When you run an ad or a campaign, you can tell down to the cent what you made (or lost) on that campaign.

It can be tough to achieve predictable results. It takes doing marketing using a precision methodology, thoroughly testing every part of your campaign, your headlines, your body copy (text), your offer, the graphics, the look and feel.

Maybe like me you have heard people from that other marketing school say:

x “It takes 3 to 6 months (at $25,000 per week) to see if your TV ad is going to work.” Or,

x “You’ve got to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars getting your name out there enough so more people will come see you.”

These are not scientific statements. No, a scientific approach would be:

  • “Do these 5 steps and you will have a marketing campaign that will more than pay for itself and here is how we’ll prove it.”
  • “Now we are making good money, so next we need to test these additional headlines to see if one of them will double, or even 10x our profits.”

Marketing Research and Surveys

Part of the secret is doing your homework before you leap. Know before you go. We can do (or teach you how to do) the surveys and research from which you will get the actions to create successful advertising and public relations campaigns.

But, let me tell you, it’s not enough just finding who wants your product, why they would buy or not buy, how best to reach them, etc. You’ve got to get the research used. You wouldn’t think you’d have to say this, but I’ve seen many clients turn some great research over to their corporate marketing departments or external agencies and have the resulting ads totally fail to use a single scrap of data our customers and prospects told us was vital.

So we have found we need to be in there pitching to make sure the results get used. We help position the surveyed messages for the highest possible response.

We do not utilize focus groups, but instead conduct live one on one interviews (in person or on the phone) with the client's customers, prospects or both. We pride ourselves on surveying hard to reach publics (senior corporate executives, doctors, lawyers, etc) but have also conducted thousands of customer surveys as well.

Promotional Analysis
We will review your current and past promotional and marketing efforts and conduct an "exterior" analysis of these. This analysis will help you determine exactly which actions have been successful, which have not and what can be done to improve the response to all of your promotional activities.

You may find a very high-profit potential product that you can market and sell right now.

Competition Research
We will research what your competition is doing to market and sell products or services that you currently sell or are considering selling. We will investigate several issues for you regarding your competition, including:

  • What are their successful sales actions?
  • What are their secrets to getting new customers?
  • Who are the leaders in the industry?
  • How do they sell their products?
  • What is their pricing?
  • What is their positioning in the market?
  • How would you best sell against them?
  • What do their customers think of them?
  • What motivates customers to buy the competition's products or services instead of yours?

I could go on for pages (and will at different sections of this website, but do you see that by doing these steps, by answering the questions above, you are taking some of the guess-work out of your marketing? This is only the tip of the iceberg. An important tip, true, and a vital one for anyone who really wants to dominate his or her market.

A few years ago I decided to immerse myself in this new Internet media and learn what made it tick. I became President of an Internet start-up and built it up to a top-50 website in less than a year at less than 25% of the cost of any other site that got into that stratospheric level. There is a wealth of data also available about this awesome new media.

Look around my site and try doing some of these steps yourself. Check these ideas out and see if it doesn’t make your marketing more predictable and profitable. And give me a call if you have any questions or would like a little help. After all, the purpose of my company is to help you make money.

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