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Creative Business Strategies, Inc. Swells Profits. Correct application of the powerful technology we use rapidly creates RESULTS — consistent and strong.

It gives an unfair advantage in today’s marketplace to the handful of businesses that we work with directly. With Creative Business Strategies, Inc., those clients we accept deal with the real pros directly, not some underling.

Developed and perfected over the last half century, our system is simple, practical, powerful. It smoothly orchestrates the PR and marketing activities of any ethical business to reduce stress, increase profits and create stable, rapid expansion.

If you want the edge over your competition, we’re your answer. Find out today what we can do for your business. To improve the Marketing power of your business, contact David Sanders at (919) 400-6885 or email

Who Does PR & Marketing Right?
The Story Behind Market Domination Specialists

Back in 1979, I was a young and underpaid business consultant toiling to get the big bottom line results for clients to generate coveted word of mouth advertising. I could make their business purr like a well-oiled dream. But I discovered that if I couldn’t drive in new business on demand, after awhile they didn’t think I was too bright.

After I discovered that the difference between a good and great as a consultant was my ability to market, I directed my career into learning to do PR and marketing right. That very year I started and helped run the Market Research division of the consulting firm.

Feeling adventurous, by 1983 I had taken a position as Production Control Manager of a Beverly Hills Ad agency. Rather than go back to school and get another degree, I had learned that in business, what counted was how it was really done on the street, not in some ivory tower. It paid off. My first week on the job I placed a quarter million dollars worth of print advertising. Soon I was working with some of the biggest names in the finance and high tech industries and learning how to make a silk purse out of the proverbial sow’s ear. I rose to Director of Marketing. But most importantly, I learned an awful lot.

As I continued my consulting career, I specializing in professional practices and small-to-medium-sized businesses. I came to be widely recognized as the marketing guru for a dozen different niches. I traveled all across the US delivering seminars on marketing. Eventually I was delivering week-long seminars on how any diligent, honest businessperson could dominate his or her market.

Thus Market Domination Specialists was born!
I began assembling a team of the brightest PR and marketing minds in the country. We have a quarter-century successful track record of providing the PR and marketing services designed to help the ambitious, fast-track company accomplish its objectives. Often it happened FAST. Sometimes there were a lot of challenges.

My team and I have helped thousands of companies and professionals expand and prosper far beyond any prior levels of success. As successful entrepreneurs as well as consultants, we have a very direct grasp of the problems faced by startups, growing and contracting companies. The state-of-the-art PR and marketing technology we use gets rave results very rapidly.

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