What industry professionals have said about their consultation with us:

"You have been of extraordinary value in the preparation for shooting our recent Warner Bros. feature, Stealing Home." 
Thom Mount -- former Head of Production, Universal Studios

"The information that I received from the many sessions that we spent together proved to be invaluable.  Not only did you help me prepare as a director but you greatly increased my ability to communicate as a producer with other directors."
  Art Linson -- producer of 
The Untouchables

"When I was offered my first feature to direct, I met the news with elation and terror.  After working with you on a one-on-one basis I feel very confident that I can pull off a terrific film.  You took all the mystery out of the subject for me..." 
Paul Haggis -- director of Crash -- Emmy winner, thirtysomething 

"After the successful response to my first screenplay, Every Which Way But Loose, and the opportunity to direct my second, Going Ape! (for Paramount), I still marvel at what I set out to do, and how smoothly it all came off...Your enthusiasm for the project, your encouragement and your expertise gave me the confidence to move forward... You helped me open a door, for which I shall always be grateful."
Jeremy Joe Kronsberg

We have helped
thousands of companies and professional practices successfully expand and prosper far beyond any prior levels of success. We are successful entrepreneurs as well as consultants, so we have a very direct grasp of the problems faced by startups, growing and contracting companies. The state-of-the-art PR and marketing technology we use gets rave results very rapidly. These are just a few of the testimonials that our team has received.

Using this powerful management technology with a start-up firm, in less than three years we helped it become the largest company of its kind in the United States. One year later it was grossing $1,000,000 monthly.

A multi-million dollar Southern California service company increased production and gross income from $2,000,000 to $10,000,000 per year within eight months of retaining is to implement this technology.

For 14 years a Midwest professional had a below-average practice. We increased this practice an incredible 20X! It is now in the top 1% of professional practices in the United States. The senior doctor and senior executives vacation for months at a time without sacrificing these high levels of production and profitability.


More Testimonials

"Our promotional mailings are getting approximately twice as many responses since we implemented the findings of the survey. The best, however, is the confidence I have that any promotion we use that is based on this survey will have similar results. Thanks for all your help."

Sarah Downey, VP Public Relations
The Durable Slate Company

"My company, which was in a confused state less than a year ago, is now a profitable corporation. This has a lot to do with a thorough and easy to understand marketing plan developed by you."

Craig Taylor, President
Craig Taylor Clothing

"My business is expanding continuously since the surveys have been done and implemented. ..Our fliers have a much better return and the new customers just seem to keep coming day after day. Our business has gone into a higher and much more viable range and at this time is still climbing. "

Royce Quimby, Owner
Pizza Gallery, Inc
Bloomington, MN

"Our goal was to sell the product with direct response, via a 30-minute infomercial. We hoped to determine the elements that were our effective selling points... Your staff designed a program specific to our requirements by sampling a 'test' video on a TV screen... You guided us on the style of questioning and inquiry that resulted in key words that had a real value in communicating our message. We would not have thought that 'convenience' would be a key selling word and yet it proved to be a connection that almost every woman could make between busy lifestylesand make-up products."

Terri Hartman
ColorWorks Make-Up Products
North Hollywood, CA

"From a financial analysis of our company, we discovered that your research saved our firm over $300,000 ...To say that we are 'happy clients' is an understatement."

Robert Cefail, President
Robert Cefail & Associates
Telecommunications Company
Clearwater, FL


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