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What you need to know to succeed in the Movie Business


Our team has expertise in many industries.

For example, if you are in the film industry or considering entering it or shifting your position within it, you may need the information and advice of an experienced professional who has been involved with all phases of production, distribution, exhibition and audience research.

Here are some of the many subjects that we consult on:

  • Production--all phases including directing, writing, acting, cinematography, editing, scheduling, budgeting, all forms of planning, etc.

  • How to finance your film.

  • How to find a distributor who will actually get your film into the marketplace.

  • Does your script conform to film industry standards?  Does it need a re-write or polish?  How can you submit it to talent or agents or financing sources?  How do you protect your rights?

  • Audience research to determine what audience will respond to your film and how to "position" your film to make it stand out in the marketplace.

  • How do you attach yourself, talent and  money to your project; how do you "package" it?

  • Developing your project from idea to screenplay to finished film.

  • How to plan your career to maximize opportunities for success and minimize chances of failure.

  • What is a "business plan" and how do you prepare one?

  • How do the new media (DVD, High Definition, etc.) and new methods of marketing (video-on-demand, internet downloading, online home DVD delivery services such as Netflix, etc.) affect your chances for success?

Please Contact us to learn of the expertise that we can bring to your industry or your needs.

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