Business Types Serviced to Date

Computer Software Industry
Computer Hardware Industry
Internet Companies
Internet Service Provider (ISP)
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
Sound Studio
TV/VCR/Stereo Service
Web Design

Automobile Manufacturing
Department Store Chain
Fast Food Chain
Furniture Stores
Hair Salons/Beauty Salons
Pest Control
Real Estate
Retail Pharmacies
Retail Stores
- and many others

Audience Research
Career Guidance
Career Management
Project Development
Website Design
Graphic Design
New Media

Construction Companies
Copper Repiping Company
Duct, Fireplace & Furnace Cleaning
Electrical Contractors
General Contractors
Handyman Services
Landscape Contractors
Maintenance Company
Mortgage Broker
Painting Contractors
Plumbing Contractors
Restaurant Construction Contractor
Roofing Contractors
Real Estate Agency
Real Estate Developer
Tree Service
Tile-Ceramic Contractors

Advertising and Marketing
Design Studios
Direct Mail Company
Internet Marketing Co.
Mailing Service
Market Research
Novelty Item Manufacturing & Distribution Firms


Health Maintenance
Organization (HMO)
Homeopathic Physicians
Hospital Management Co.
Independent Providers Assn. (IPA)
Medical Doctors
Naturopathic Physician
Physical Therapists
Vascular Surgeon


Business Consultants
Field Auditor
Financial Management
Insurance Agency
Lighting Consulting
Seminar Company
- and many others


George Anderson, President
Master Serv

Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder & CEO
Front Sight Resorts

Shaul Havivy, Owner
Art-Wave International

Hamid Tab, Founder & CEO
Robert Marx, DDS

Lisa Benest, MD

Contact us today and get your marketing efforts on track to maximum profitability.

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Our Low-Cost Marketing Booster Program analyzes your situation and defines solutions to better capture market share and increase profitability.

We will review your current and past promotional and marketing efforts, and conduct an "exterior" analysis of these. This analysis will help you determine exactly which actions have been successful, which have not, and what can be done to improve the response to all of your promotional activities. You may find a very high-profit potential product that you can market and sell right now.

This powerful introductory service will determine the following:

  • Where can you get the best bang for the buck in your marketing:
  • How can your marketing be fine tuned to boost sales NOW?
  • Are you properly positioned in the marketplace?
  • What media will give you the best ROI (Return On Investment)?
  • Print Media (newspaper, magazines, direct mail, brochures, flyers, coupons)
  • Internet (online advertising, affiliate marketing, web site design, content, search engines)
  • Electronic Media (radio, TV)
  • Guerilla Marketing (many powerful techniques)
  • Are you missing any of the 21 key marketing points that must be present for you to be a high-volume success?

All this points to the question, "How powerful and effective can your marketing really get?" We answer this question with shocking accuracy in less than a week.
Are you completely satisfied with your current marketing efforts? Our Marketing Boost Program will direct you to more effective and efficient marketing actions.

Marketing Research and Surveys

We provide the surveys, research and the recommendations for marketing, advertising and public relations campaigns. Additionally, as requested, we coordinate with corporate marketing departments or external agencies to help position the surveyed messages for the highest possible response.

We do not utilize focus groups, but instead conduct live one-on-one interviews (in person or on the phone) with the client's customers, prospects or both. We pride ourselves on surveying hard-to-reach publics (senior corporate executives, doctors, lawyers, etc) but have conducted thousands of customer surveys as well.

Competition Research

We will research what your competition is doing to market and sell products or services that you currently sell or are considering selling. We will investigate several issues for you regarding your competition, including:

What are their successful sales actions?
What are their secrets to getting new customers?
Who are the leaders in the industry?
How do they sell their products?
What is their pricing?
What is their positioning in the market?
How would you best sell against them?
What do their customers think of them?
What motivates customers to buy the competition's products or services instead of yours

Market Development Research (finding buyers for products)

We will find out for you which "public" is likely to buy your product and which won't. We can also find out for you which of several "publics" or marketplaces are the best for you to address in your marketing.

Potential Customer Needs and Wants Research

Using in-depth, one on one marketing research surveys, we will find out what your targeted buying public wants, needs or would consider valuable about your product or service.

We will find the "buttons" from your prospective customers' own words that you will be able to use to increase the response to your marketing activity. You will know the proper message and the proper emotional framework in which to communicate, so your prospective customers will come to you instead of your competition! You will know exactly what will make your prospects buy from you!

Current Customer Needs and Wants Research

Do you know what your customers, clients or patients think of you and your company or practice? Did you know that this can affect your income and future sales?

What specifically motivated them to buy from you in the first place? Would they do so again? Why or why not? We also find out what causes you to lose customers if you do, and how to correct this.

And we will find out for you how to get your customers referring your business to others. This is information that can increase your sales and income dramatically.

The "No Sale" Package or "Why didn't you sell him?"

We will survey people who were "pitched" by your company but did not close. By surveying that public we will find out specifically why you didn't get the sale, and if the person later bought from someone else, why they bought elsewhere. Most businesses never know why "the one that got away" did get away. Now you will know. We will present the exact action you should take to close your hot prospects next time. You might even get a second chance at "the one that got away".

Market Studies / Surveys on Your Product or Service

We will research past studies and/or surveys on the product or service which you are marketing. What have past marketing studies shown about the potential of this product or service? What has worked and what hasn't?

Positioning Surveys

Your products have a position and that position comes from the mind of your customers or prospects. How exactly should you position your products, services, and company in your marketplace so as to "own" it? We'll give you the surveyed answer to this question to fit YOUR company, product, service or practice.

Ethnic Surveys

Your company is at risk if you are attempting to sell in an area where you do not know the ethnic values. Surveying the principal ethnic group or groups which comprise your potential and/or current customers, we will determine what these people value about your products or services from their cultural perspective. Then and only then will you know the "buying" buttons of your potential and/or current customers.


Your product or service should have a name which encourages your potential customers to buy it and which is easily remembered. Your name should also communicate what you do. We will utilize marketing research technology to work out several possible names for your service(s) and/or products(s) and then survey these names to determine which ones interest your potential customers most, and help "create want" for your service(s) and/or products(s).

Web Development

We have an outstanding stable of talented web designers, graphic artists and programmers that can make your website and Internet marketing activities shine.

Full-Service PR

We provide extensive PR expertise to pave the way for your marketing success.

  • Offensive PR to help you get the attention you deserve and begin gaining serious market share.
  • Product Launch PR. We have helped scores of firms launch products and get so many leads they had to discontinue the PR to catch up in their ability to deliver!
  • Defensive PR for those situations in which your firm is the victim of a “black propaganda campaign” and you have to defend yourself just to retain the share of your market you have now. You can hold you own and even gain despite everything.


As all of our PR and marketing work is customized to our individual clients, our fees are based on customized rates for the type of services required. Please 'Contact Us' for more information and a free quote.



My staff and I have over 60 years of combined hands-on marketing experience including:

  • Marketing Director of a Beverly Hills ad agency
  • President of a “Top-50” Internet site
  • Market researchers since 1979
  • Market-wise designers, graphic artists and website creators
  • Proven PR experts
  • Marketing Director of General Media, a $200 million media corp.
  • Director of Creative Services for J. Walter Thompson Advertising
  • Handled PR for companies from start-ups to $100 million

HERE IS WHAT WE WILL DO FOR YOU: We will thoroughly research your specific needs and create a powerful Strategic Marketing Plan containing very specific steps.

We will do a power-packed Strategic Marketing Summit in which we will train you and your staff on exactly what you need to do to implement our strategy successfully. We will address and handle any disagreements and get all your key players on the same page.

Then we will follow up to insure the Strategic Marketing Plan is being successfully executed and assist you to overcome barriers to getting results, taking our final payment only when the steps recommended by us have resulted in a greater dollar volume of sales than the our program costs.

How it Works

1. We will immediately interview you and your key marketing personnel to learn as much as possible about your existing level of marketing expertise, where you’re strong and weak, you PR and marketing activities to date, what worked, what flopped, what your competitors are doing, what problems exist and why.

2. We will provide you with a list of 21 items for your staff to assemble -- this includes any marketing materials you have used or that are provided by others,
similar products, articles written about you and your products or similar products, all the related web sites, etc.

3. Once this material has been assembled, we will meet and go over all these items. We will interview you and your marketing staff in detail to clearly understand the exact niche in the marketplace you want to go, costing and price points, where you are strong and where you are not, etc.

4. We will interview your key sales staff to get their input on your marketing efforts.

5. We will analyze all of the materials you provide.

6. We will do preliminary analysis on your competition and their marketing efforts.

7. We will analyze and list various methods of marketing your services and develop suggestions on choices of promotional media.

8. We will do a preliminary analysis of relative costs and expected response rates for each marketing method that we believe has good potential for you.

9. We will evaluate your positioning in the marketplace relative to your competition.

10. We will examine your branding, your logo and your entire image.

The Strategic Marketing Summit Workshop

11. Based on this analysis we will prepare and deliver a tailor-made 1-day Strategic Marketing Summit for you, your key executives and your PR & Marketing staff. This Strategic Marketing Summit workshop will include:

a. Any key PR & marketing fundamentals that are missing or not being correctly applied in your company – all explained at a level that can be understood by all present, with plenty of colorful examples to retain interest and demonstrate correct application.

b. Our findings and recommendations for methods of getting the greatest market penetration for the lowest cost. Our recommendations will include:

i. EXACT, STEP-BY-STEP ACTIONS from our analysis that you should do NOW to get your business booming immediately.

ii. Appropriate drills and practical exercises so that you and your marketing staff can successfully apply the principles, execute the required actions and get the results.

iii. SPECIFIC LONGER-RANGE MARKETING ACTIONS that have good longer-term potential and should be done while the initial steps are bringing in some immediate sales and income.

iv. Brainstorming session in a safe, controlled environment to assemble additional ideas that have merit, and as appropriate add them to the overall plan.

v. ADDITIONAL STEPS you can do in the future to further expand your marketing efforts.

c. After we have presented our analysis and recommendations in detail we will ANSWER ALL YOUR QUESTIONS and make any needed modifications in the Marketing Strategic Plan.

d. You and all your key marketing staff will receive copies of the final Marketing Strategic Plan document for your use in getting it done.

Unlimited Follow-Up until It’s Paid for Itself!

12. We will call to follow up by phone weekly to monitor progress on executing the strategic plan. You can call us at any time you need our assistance.

a. We spot and handle barriers, non-compliance, distractions and confusions.
b. We help you get the agreed-upon Strategic Marketing Plan really moving!
c. And we continue to work with you until our recommendations have resulted in sales in excess of the what we charge for the Strategic Marketing Summit program!

YOUR COST: Contact us for an individual quote.


“David Sanders has helped me market my way from retail sales of $2,000 per week to consistently hitting over $70,000 per week in just 18 months.” Shaul Havivy, Art Sales

“I can’t say enough about David’s ability to turn my business around. We tripled our production and quadrupled our new patients in only 6 months – with less stress and a lot more profit!” Mindy Matthes, DDS

Using the powerful marketing technology Mr. Sanders implemented with our start-up firm, in less than three years we became the largest company of our kind in the United States. One year later we were grossing $1,000,000 monthly.” B.K., Consulting

As a multi-million dollar Southern California service company, we increased production and gross income from $2,000,000 to $10,000,000 per year within eight months of retaining David Sanders.” George Anderson, Service Industry

“Dave’s ability to intertwine his unique stories & anecdotes with data I can use made the presentation fun & entertaining as well as informative.” Walter Nash, Publisher

“My old friend Dave Sanders has again helped me to better understand what I NEED TO DO to really make my business BOOM, my life BOOM.” D.G., High Tech

“Now, I haven’t done badly up to now. I’ve consistently produced in 6 figures – BUT NEVER AT A LEVEL I’m capable of, really. A million $ a year is where I should be – now. And by using the technology as relayed by Dave, I know I will get there.” Lou Gonzales, Insurance

“For 14 years as a dentist in the Midwest I had a below-average practice. With David Sanders’ help, we increased new patients 10x and collections an incredible 20X! It is now in the top 1% of professional practices in the United States. Both my office manager and I can now vacation for months at a time without sacrificing these high levels of production and profitability.” Robert Marx, DDS

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