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The list of questions below indicate the most commonly discussed issues in the film business. Success in this field depends on understanding and correctly answering these questions.

1. What makes a good director? A good producer?

2. How do I decide if a script would make a good movie? How can I read a script from a producer's or financier's point of view rather than just from a creative perspective?

3. Of what use is a business plan in seeking film finance? Do I need one? How do I prepare it? What should it include?

4. How does one determine the budget of a feature film and what impact does the budget have on your chances of getting financed?

5. Who are the ideal film investors and why do they invest?

6. What are a film investor's main concerns? What do I say and not say to my potential investors that (a) entices them to invest, and (b) keeps me "legal"?

7. What do I look for in choosing key crew members (e.g., a director of photography) and how do I find them?

8. If I do make a film, how do I get it into the marketplace?

9. How do I "pitch" an idea or sell a screenplay?

10. What are the major factors in successful screenwriting?

11. What are the key differences between "studio" and "independent" film production?

12. Of what value are film schools and film festivals? How do I determine the best ones for me or my project?

The rules of the movie game are constantly changing. If you do not have current and satisfactory answers to the above questions, then it is likely you would benefit from the information and services that Eric Sherman offers. 


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